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Sarah Autumn graduated from Michigan State University with a BFA in Graphic Deisgn and a specialization in Advertising. Sarah currently is the Marketing and Design Administrator for Eastbrook Homes managing the website, branding, advertising and social media needs of the company.


She has over 7 years of both event management and design experience and is always insistent in finding helpful and creative ways to help expand and build a company or project. Throughout her experience, which has been geared toward Event Coordinating, she has shown her abilities to be a creative and hard worker. She has mastered abilities such as problem solving under pressure, managing tasks and projects that need attention and giving her all to bettering the company or project.


She finds her greatest strengths are multi-tasking, finding creative solutions, as well as fulfilling deadlines with expectations. She has learned to be a leader to co-workers and volunteers and maintains a friendly and professional attitude through high pressure times. She has worked closely with community leaders and support staff expanding events through advertising and design and looks forward to her next big challenge!

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